CRAFT Class: Online Thursday MidMorning Fall 2017

From: $195.00 / month for 10 months

Create powerful, publishable prose. Write your projects in class. Get immediate, positive and specific response to your in-class writing.





Thursdays, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT Online. Limited to 12.

  • Fall Dates: September 12/14 – November 21/ 16
  • NO CLASS Tues. Oct. 31 (Thursday class ends 11/16, Tuesday class ends 11/21)
  • Note: these dates are subject to change; however, a quarter always includes ten classes.

Craft Class: Scene Study

This year, craft class is going to focus on scene and story. Sometimes breaking into craft elements of scene and story and sometimes looking at a higher level, including the specific function of different scenes in story and the jumps and build between scenes, we’ll also cover arc, twists and turns, character change, motivation, starting, ending, set up and pay offs, backstory, dialog, point of view and more. This will be a tremendous strengthening of all aspects of skill in writing that key unit of story–scene.

Sign up for all three quarters, either with or without a payment plan, and get 2 BONUS workshops, for FREE.

  • Do the Math: Turning Your Dream into a Project Plan that Inspires

Do the math. Break your goals down into units that are both manageable and inspiring–small tasks, times or word counts that feel exciting to tackle. Understand your own process and how to support it for maximal productivity and joy! Then make a plan for the year that gives you a step-by-step roadmap for accomplishing your goal.

  • Putting It All Together: Making Fabulous Wholes Out of Your Magic Pieces

In craft class, you do some of your strongest writing, but often you create powerful pieces, fragments of scene, bright shards of character. How do you pull them together into longer pieces, figure out what’s missing, and complete stories, essays and books to send out into the world? In this workshop you expand your toolbox for building scenes out of segments and stories out of scenes–and actually experience the magic of doing it well.

These online workshops will also be recorded if you cannot attend them live.



Payment plan for one quarter  (10 classes; Sept – Dec): $230/ month for three months

Three quarters commitment (30 classes; Sept – June) + bonuses payment plan: $195/ month for ten months


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