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The Book Writing World Mentoring Group

is a weekly coaching session and 24/7 online forum that brings together a small group of  committed writers from across the country (and sometimes the world) to set articulated, public goals and track them to success, learn the ropes from a professional, and break-through blocks and fears surrounded by a supportive, inspired community. Are you ready to jettison self-sabotoging behaviors and flourish in your writing life? Join us!

The next term in the Book Writing World will begin Monday, Sept 3, 2012. The fall quarter runs through Nov. 18.

We have a brilliant guest author visiting on Sept. 6, 5 – 6 p.m. to answer all your questions about writing success: Thaisa Frank, acclaimed author of the novel Heiddeger’s Glasses and the recently released story collection Enchantment. The course is led by Elizabeth Stark.

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In addition to small group mentoring via video conference (We see each other! We know each other! We love each other!) and a rich online discussion forum, we offer four craft courses that complement the mentoring group and give you additional support to power through to writing success:

Plan Your Book

Draft Your Book

Revise Your Book

Finish Your Book

Each of these four courses consists of a weekly mini-lecture (in video and text) and a brief but transformative assignment. When you sign up for a course, you get weekly written feedback and mentoring from Elizabeth Stark, a published author. You will post your assignments and check-in about your writing goals weekly, and may attend an online mentoring video conference on Thursdays, 5 – 6 p.m. Pacific Time, led by Elizabeth Stark.

These courses and the associated online forums, assignments, goal setting, community and live coaching contain everything you need to develop your book idea, write it, revise it, finish it and publish and promote it. The Book Writing World is committed to building your writing career.

Overview of the Quarter/ General Topics for the Courses:

Week 1. Community Building/ Orientation
Week 2. Process/ Goals
Week 3. Questions/ Systems
Week 4. The Storyteller & the Brain
Week 5. Pitch/ Premise/ Core
Week 6. Character
Week 7. Desire & Build
Week 8. Structure
Week 9.Detail & Scene
Week 10. Exploring
Week 11.Readings

“In the six months that I’ve been a member of BWW, I’ve received more support and helpful information for my writing
than I did in all the years since finishing my M.A. in Creative Writing. I had been actively looking for a writers group that
would work for a novel writer who didn’t want to make a huge time commitment, and BWW does just that.

“The group consists of serious writers at all stages of writing all kinds of work, including novels and memoirs, and is led by a gifted teacher, Elizabeth Stark, who is juggling fiction writing, BWW, and motherhood with grace and is very understanding of the realities of the writing life.

“Don’t be afraid of the time commitment. It is flexible and you can pick and choose what you want to participate in. And, importantly, there is absolutely no guilt. We are all there to lift each other up and help where we can. It is a superior writers group, with a big plus that there is a writers group leader who is an experienced writing teacher and prepares lessons and exercises and interviews with local authors and continues to refine the structure of BWW to ebest meet our needs.

“Even though I’ve graduated from a writing program, have finished a novel, and have received a few prizes here and there over the years, I feel that my participation in BWW is really focusing my writing life and helping me to be a more productive and thoughtful writer.”

— Leslie Rodd, member of the Book Writing World

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RATES for your membership with live small-group mentoring and the community membership:

1. Mentoring option: $125 per month, author Q&A video conferences, weekly class, community support and access, discounts on online and in-person retreats and workshops! And before Week 4, you can add your course option if you change your mind for a $79 one time fee.

2. Full Quarter option: $338 – Save 10% when you purchase a full quarter of the mentoring group.

3. Annual Option: One-time payment of $1275. Save 20%! A full year–four quarters–of mentoring and membership. Great if you’re at the beginning of a project or needing something more to get your latest project done. Take one course a quarter, one mentoring class a week, everything listed above, a free day-long online writing retreat every quarter, and more. Dude, that’s a lot for basically $88 a month.

So say yes to your book. Sign up now. See you in the Book Writing World.


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