Fall Quarter begins 9/13 & 9/15. NO CLASS week of 10/11 and week of 11/21

Craft Class

  • One quarter (10 classes; Sept - Dec): $650
  • Payment plan for one quarter  (10 classes; Sept - Dec): $225/ month for three months
  • Three quarters commitment (30 classes; Sept - June + bonuses): $1895
  • Three quarters commitment (30 classes; Sept - June + bonuses) payment plan: $195/ month for ten months

Sign up for all three quarters, either with or without a payment plan, and get 2 BONUS workshops, for FREE.

  • Plan Your Writing Year: Process, Productivity and Passion

Clarify your most effective writing process--the one that builds on your individual strengths and turns your perceived weaknesses into benefits, the one that fits you perfectly because it’s already yours. Find the supports that will turn what you already do into the empowering, positive writing and publishing life you’ve dreamed of living.

  • Putting It All Together: Making Fabulous Wholes Out of Your Magic Pieces

In craft class, you do some of your strongest writing, but often you create powerful pieces, fragments of scene, bright shards of character. How do you pull them together into longer pieces, figure out what’s missing, and create completed stories, essays and books to send out into the world? That’s what this workshop shows you how to do.

These online workshops will also be recorded if you cannot attend them live.

Story Development

Fall: Saturdays@10AM PT - Sept. 10 - Nov. 19 ; NO CLASS Oct. 15 - Investment: $325

This hybrid course of short videos and live video conferencing Q & As will develop your clear plan for a powerful book.

Short, clear videos make up four modules:

1) Getting started and introduction to premise

2) Premise, Character and Logline

3) The Seven Steps

4) Step Outline.

Each module comes with a workbook and a creative assignment that develops your book’s structure.

Write it in November. By November, you will have a scene-by-scene outline and an understanding of scene that will launch you into writing--either with NaNoWriMo or at your own pace.

Live online weekly Q & As with Angie. Get all your questions answered, individual support and insight into the framework you are mastering. These sessions are always recorded and posted, and questions can be submitted ahead of time if you can’t attend. The quarter continues through mid-November, so you can ask the questions that come up as you write. We’ll meet in early December to celebrate the completion of your November goals, whether that’s to write an entire draft or a solid opening or something else. This class will also serve you well in doing a deep revision of a story.

Angie has a gift in guiding a story, getting all those wayward lambs of ideas back to the flock of the overall trajectory of theme. This class is great for shaping a diffuse idea into a real story, using all the main 'seven' steps (archetypal story points) to anchor plot into place. Giving up nothing creatively, gaining everything (a real working outline). A process that could take years, fit into eight painless weeks.” Christine O’Brien


I love the human interaction of craft class, and the inspiration I get from my classmates’  writing. Elizabeth is gentle but diligent about getting writers to set goals and deadlines. Most valuable may be the way she not only singles out some of her favorite passages to spark your own sentences, but how she teaches those passages, breaking down the structure, pinpointing what makes it work and forcing us to try perspectives we haven’t thought of. Elizabeth’s constructive feedback is terrific and the whole class serves as a way to flex new writing muscles. Maureen Fan

Post MFA, I was looking for a master craft class to  explore subtleties of technique, provide the kind of inspiration and awe that only great literature brings, as well as a cohort of skilled readers.  I found it all at the BWW Craft Class. Susan Sasson


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